-Ipod walkman case....-
hey there... just thought id share some pictures of my walkman ipod case.. i finally got on the ipod wagon this week, as i revived a broken HD 3rd gen...- been having fun ipoding out.. came across the article online of the walkman case project.. recalled that as i was at the goodwill today, i had seen the BRIGHT yellow case of one in the display cabinet- ran back downtown.. luckily they close late.. picked it up for $3... was very surprised that its only 2 screws holding the whole tape guts in there (which still work in its awesome exposed state!)... the casing i found had a dual audio jack output.. so i spliced the L joint from some airline headphones.. and hooked them up to the double headphone out circuit..- worked just fine.. then lined the insides of the casing with some spongy material, along with some nonslide rubber matting.. - then for the cherry on top.. i took an old cassette tape, and mounted it on the opening door of the housing, along with some padding on its backside.. so from the outside, theres a cassette tape sitting in this simple crappy walkman for $2.99... low and behold when you open it up- ipod, sporting an 'oversized'.. but ultra hip case. yeehaw.
ted  1/17/06

simple, unsuspecting tape walkman...
but what is this... an ipod inside?
with a cassette tape mounted as well??
goodlord.. and two people can listen...